We have the following five ways you can participate in the Christian Church Community Gulu Kingdom Moshav to build a new Africa:

  1. Resident Shareholders. These are people who have purchased shares in the
    Christian community, but they have also acquired an acre plot of land in
    the Christian village to establish their home and other family projects. The
    cost of shares is UShs.500,000/= per share for both residents and non residents. You need to have acquired a minimum of 40 shares (currently
    UShs.20,000,000/=) to qualify to purchase a residential plot.
  2. Non-resident Shareholders. These are people who have bought shares in
    our Christian community, but their current circumstances do not permit
    them to reside in the village. They visit the Community regularly on
    weekends and public holidays to participate in the Community activities,
    workshops, enjoy community and participate in our rich fellowship
    programmes. We will have dormitory accommodation, guest houses and
    residential cottages that members can use for weekend and holiday use.
  3. Resident Non-shareholders. ere are many people who will want to join
    our community, but who are not yet in position to buy shares because of
    financial constraints. ese include school leavers and young graduates who
    have not yet got any other employment. The Community will provide
    accommodation and upkeep for them, train them in the skills training
    institute and engage them in work at the farm and in the cottage industries.
    As they become productive and profitable, the Community will pay them an
    allowance from which they will begin to buy shares in the community.
  4. School and college students joining the Community during school holidays
    to participate in the community activities and to learn skills. eir upkeep
    will be cattered for by their parents or guardians.
  5. Elderly retirees who prefer to live on a Community farm, taking advantage
    of the farm environment, rich fresh food, our medical centre and nursing
    facilities, rich Christian fellowship and community living. These could be
    either resident shareholders or persons whose families have hired a Community
    residential cottage for them to share with their nurse or caretaker.

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